Mula Batanes (Pt.1)

The last time I posted was 5 months ago. It felt like years. I can’t even begin to explain how much I crave the excitement of traveling and the weariness that comes after!! I haven’t been on any long vacations since the year started, and I figured that since my tight schedule can no longer accommodate impromptu and yolo-ish traveling, I might as well pour all my efforts in planning my official vacation trip!

And the reason I came back after a long hiatus is because of a friend. Though, I think there’s still that part of me that really wanted to share this with you too. Thus, my farthest trip up north to date! Batanes Group of Islands.


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Change of Plans

Earlier this year I know I have revealed of plans involving backpacking and Vietnam. But life happened and things got a bit out of hand. My travel buddy had quit her job in Hong Kong and returned to the Philippines to stay.  She got a new job here, and will be undergoing 6 months probation. Of course, you could argue that I push through with it alone, but as it happens, I quit my current job too. So, I found a new job and will be under probation, for 6 months, which makes our planned backpacking impossible to execute. We love traveling but I guess we love our careers more.

We are not giving up on our backpacking plans. I know sooner or later (after the 6 months probation) we will be ready and prepared to take long travels again. But for now, change is inevitable and its simply a matter of decision-making, and for now, we figured its best not to push through with it.

Traveldoc: Where to?

The not so big reveal: What we are planning to do is backpack our way through Vietnam then Laos for 7 days. So far we have 2 plans on how to get through with it.

PLAN A: Enter through Hanoi, then take an overnight bus to Luang Prabang, Laos, then Vientianne, take an overnight bus back to Vietnam via, Dong Ho, take a sleeper train straight to Ho Chi Minh.

Basically, we want to cover a lot of ground as possible for we have a very limited time. The thing is, we might get stressed and oversee possible roadblocks and we fear that we might not have enough time for second thoughts and flexible decisions. Taking plan A is risking time, money and effort. But it is a great adventure though.

PLAN B: We backpack through Vietnam only. Dropping Laos out of the picture, and instead, visiting Hue and Hoi An, then taking the train to Ho Chi Minh.

With this plan, I think we would discover more of Vietnam and explore the country in a more relaxed pace, hassle-free plus we get to see more and appreciate more.

So, any thoughts?

Traveldoc: Backpacking 2013

So here’s the thing, after a lot of discussion with myself, I sorted things out and decided to blog about it.

A friend and I decided to give backpacking a try for 7 days, somewhere in Southeast Asia (I’ll reveal the destination soon.) The thing is, I don’t know anything about it, really. I know 3 days 2 nights, I know overnights, I know packaged tours, but I don’t know backpacking. But yes, we’ll never know if we never try. So I hope you guys can suggest things and comment and give your opinions during our planning stage. I’ll post the details soon enough, but the most important part of this trip: When? Let’s just say it will be happening 12 months from now, and we have a year to plan this thing. Let’s do this 🙂

In case you might ask, I know 7 days is not enough, but since this is a jumpstart stage of our backpacking history, it will be the longest I would be in a different country, so please be a little kind towards newbies like us 🙂 Thanks for your help in advance. You guys go, have a nice weekend!