Caramo-one: A reflection

Well I intended it as a play on words, as Caramoan has many Islands, and I can’t remember every name of every beach we had ever been. Except for maybe one or two.

I haven’t really blogged about what I felt during this vacation, and that is because I’m being selfish. I want to keep all my ocean-vibes to myself. ¬†And now I’m having a meltdown. I need to get it out of my system.

Describing caramoan as a paradise is common. But for me, it is more than a getaway. It is an escape. Before I leave for vacation, there’s just too much on my mind, about work, about personal issues and some. But the moment the bus started moving, I forgot all my worries and set my mind to look forward. I know I’m going to enjoy this vacation.

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Weekends: White Beach

That one time where we gave in to our impulse and booked an overnight trip to Boracay. And found ourselves broke and in three weeks time, bound for the beach.

With the tickets in my hands, and merely weeks to our first beach getaway, I couldn’t think straight of how could I possibly save up. But eventually we did, and well as the saying goes, “Go with the flow”, we did.

Armed with our excitement and overnight bags, we head to the Island of Boracay, and braced ourselves for an unforgettable all girls weekend.


Touchdown Kalibo

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