Caramo-one: A reflection

Well I intended it as a play on words, as Caramoan has many Islands, and I can’t remember every name of every beach we had ever been. Except for maybe one or two.

I haven’t really blogged about what I felt during this vacation, and that is because I’m being selfish. I want to keep all my ocean-vibes to myself.  And now I’m having a meltdown. I need to get it out of my system.

Describing caramoan as a paradise is common. But for me, it is more than a getaway. It is an escape. Before I leave for vacation, there’s just too much on my mind, about work, about personal issues and some. But the moment the bus started moving, I forgot all my worries and set my mind to look forward. I know I’m going to enjoy this vacation.

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Countdown: 93 Days

The road to my first self-funded out-of-country trip.

I am addicted to travel blogs. Simply put, I wanted to travel too. But the thing is I put restrictions to myself. I keep on limiting myself to the things I thought i cannot afford.
But the best lesson I learned from reading these blogs is to: JUST GO.

And now, I am two months in-the-waiting for that ultimate travel experience this 2012.
In the beginning I told myself, I am doing this as a birthday treat to myself.
I want to do this because I think I deserve it.

But now I know that the real reason behind wanting to travel, more than the “soul-searching” stuff, is to fuel my passion in life. I haven’t found my passion yet, but for the meantime, my passion is living. Maybe getting the best life has to offer, but more so, is experiencing life in different perspectives.

I love to live, through challenges, through depression, through life’s worst scenarios.
I love experiencing. Pain, sorrow, laughter, fear, envy, elation, shame, pride.
It lets me know I am alive, and I am living.

I am a person that does not take risks. I ignore them and avoid them at all costs. I like to stay in my safe place. But I got bored, and not peaceful at all. I decided to try and challenge life.
And it gives back.

From the first summit I have step foot on, I let myself revel into the unreality of real world.
This is the real world. I mean, after college I assumed that the real world people are talking about are corporate attire, tall buildings, conference rooms, meetings, deadlines, stress.

But that is just a part of this reality.
There is no requirement really to enjoy a piece of this life.
It might be different for each of us, but what matters, i think, is how you deal with it.

And maybe, because I am on the first step of changing my perspective, it might reveal to me the secret of living.

Or not. But hey, at least I am trying. 🙂