Weekend: Opening the ‘ber’

What’s so special about September? Nothing really, except that it officially starts the countdown to December. It opens the ber months, meaning Christmas break, Winter season, a whole new quarter, and the last one for 2012. It was just a coincidence that I happen to spend this day in a lot of events/gathering, so I might as well share how did my opening ‘ber’ day has gone 🙂

0100 H

We (my officemates and I) were invited for an album launch of one of our officemate’s band: tide/edit 🙂 I haven’t shared a lot about my taste in music, but basically everything I found that I enjoy, I like. No particular genre, just those that I find relaxing and different, and enjoyable.

So there’s this shit going on about OPM being dead and all, and I agreed that these people didn’t know where to find Filipino music and shit like that.

Performances by Chillitees

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Straight from the Limbic System

Not a med student or something. Just something to ponder about. Commonly, it is recognized as ‘Straight from the Heart’, but then like any part of our system, it is just a muscle. Dig deeper and I realized that the only conscious part of our system is the brain. The one that does the thinking and recognizes emotions, memory and matters of the heart.

Since I have decided to write based on my reactions to my surroundings, from my emotions, that raw feeling I get from an incredible encounter, I might as well recognize its source.

You know, to understand it more. To learn stuff… and stuff.