Mula Batanes (Pt.1)

The last time I posted was 5 months ago. It felt like years. I can’t even begin to explain how much I crave the excitement of traveling and the weariness that comes after!! I haven’t been on any long vacations since the year started, and I figured that since my tight schedule can no longer accommodate impromptu and yolo-ish traveling, I might as well pour all my efforts in planning my official vacation trip!

And the reason I came back after a long hiatus is because of a friend. Though, I think there’s still that part of me that really wanted to share this with you too. Thus, my farthest trip up north to date! Batanes Group of Islands.


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6 months

And the length of time between then and now did not matter, life altering decisions happened and some serious thinking and planning has been done to get here.



Still trying to get a grip of a different kind of reality than what I Imagined before. It’s no trick question, life leads us to different kinds of adventure, you just have to see it as one.

Next day forward

So it came, loudly if I may say. Fireworks, honks, sirens, loud music, parties. It happened, the earth completed an orbit around the sun. Again. We feel so proud of completing another milestone that it seems like WE actually have done something important to keep the earth orbiting around the sun, like we have a significant role to play.


I know it sounds like I’m complaining about the noises, all the fuss, but seriously, have you asked yourself what’s new? What could the new year bring that the previous year haven’t already brought? Opportunities? Adventures? Things that we ourselves make happen.

We don’t rely our life on earth’s orbit around the sun. We just grab its balls and deal with it. Though I’m not averse to these celebrations, I also think its important to recognize our efforts to make our life better.



We don’t just say goodbye to the year that’s about the end, we celebrate it. You can argue that what we’re actually celebrating for is the coming of a new year, but what difference does it make when days before the year ends we attend gatherings, cook a lot of food, see people we haven’t seen in a long time, celebrating years of friendship, family reunions…admit it, the mood is so festive and happy that its almost like we’re really happy that the year is finally coming to an end. That we’re happy that something is about to die.

Forgive me for such a morbid thought, 2013 brought a lot of things that other years might have brought too, but decided that they’ll come this year. I’m very grateful for these things. I didn’t want to be sentimental and emotional and decided to approach the year end as a burial of both sad and happy memories, and preparing to move on to a new tomorrow. Carrying with us the memories of what was to be able to move forward and wonder if maybe a new beginning will help us understand ourselves better. But a new year is more than a new beginning, its also a continuation of the previous day.

Death. Beginning. End. Rebirth. When thinking of it, nothing ever ends, we just continue and move on. Take some risks, here and there, but everything lies in our choices. We make our own beginnings whether it’s the new year or its not.

Have a Happy New Year! 🙂

Change of Plans

Earlier this year I know I have revealed of plans involving backpacking and Vietnam. But life happened and things got a bit out of hand. My travel buddy had quit her job in Hong Kong and returned to the Philippines to stay.  She got a new job here, and will be undergoing 6 months probation. Of course, you could argue that I push through with it alone, but as it happens, I quit my current job too. So, I found a new job and will be under probation, for 6 months, which makes our planned backpacking impossible to execute. We love traveling but I guess we love our careers more.

We are not giving up on our backpacking plans. I know sooner or later (after the 6 months probation) we will be ready and prepared to take long travels again. But for now, change is inevitable and its simply a matter of decision-making, and for now, we figured its best not to push through with it.