Weekends: On Birthdays

Happy Birthday to my Mama! 🙂

As a birthday treat, we all went to spend the day at Villa Escudero Resort at Tiaong Quezon. Last time we were here was 10 years ago, and my mother was right when she said, we didn’t fully appreciate the beauty of the place back then. We are kids and we just want to play. So now, we walk down the memory lane, and I found out that I don’t remember much of the old place. Some bits and pieces are coming back, but I guess the most memorable then is the lunch buffet, turns out, it still is. 🙂

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Weekends at Home

This is a special case as I rarely post anything that involves family, but this is funny because my cousins had sleep over at our house and this afternoon after I got some work done, I found out that we have all brought our laptop for whatever purpose it may serve us, and together in our living room we are all tuned into the screen. 🙂 I couldn’t resist taking pictures so I would just share it to you. Or living room turned into a wireless hot spot hub. 😀