Weekends: On the Run

I mean, Temple Run 🙂

I do hope you have been following me on my countdown. My destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia. Although, it is famous for the backpacking circuit, among, well, backpackers, my friend + her mom, and I decided to try out this new destination for ourselves. I mean, we are not backpackers or anything, but this is a good destination nevertheless.

So, I will post here pictures and just a lot of pictures with descriptions. So Enjoy!

Just hover your mouse into the pics for information 🙂 Have FUN!!

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Countdown: 23 days

I guess this is it. Couple days more and I will be hitting the skies with my backpack and adventurous spirit. You know, when I tell people about my plans on going to Cambodia, they often ask me: “What is it you’ll see there?” or “Where will you go there?”

Apparently, for those not well-versed in travel universe, and I am not saying that I am, Cambodia is not a tourist destination. I have the same notion as these people several months ago until I stumbled to several travel blogs that feature Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia included.

And what is it there that is so special? Well, remember Tomb Raider? Those gigantic roots of trees, temples covered with these wood giants. Yep, you got it, it is found there.

What else? Temples, temples and more temples!!!
Why there? I am tempted to say I don’t know. Because I am perfectly fine with the idea of not explaining myself, but I will, because right at this moment, I am sure that I am doing it!!

Why there, you ask? Because I have this budding relationship with history and culture and there is something mysterious about it that I cannot possibly let go unless I find out some of the answers. I am absolutely crazy for thinking I would find answers about life and everything by this one travel adventure, but I promised myself that I will try my best to discover the world, the people and our stories.

That’s it for today. I am looking forward to this adventure. The dark days are now over, they will be back, but for now I won. 😀

Countdown: 63 Days

I’m stuck.

I am totally messed up. I don’t know my goals, I don’t know where to end. I don’t know where to start. The straight line I have been following is now more of a blur rather than crooked. I am lost. I am scared.

I don’t know where to get the juices I have since starting this trip. I want to throw it all away and hide. To go where nobody would find me and stay there until I’m okay. I think I am tough but things are going wrong in ways that I do not understand.

I might be depressed or just sad, or frustrated. I don’t know. I feel totally lost right now.

I want to ditch the trip that I have set but it is there, an imposing challenge that I cannot resist. It is right there in the future, a signage, a symbol, a road block, a detour that I cannot possibly skip. I must endure. Sometimes I think how shallow of an individual I must be. Giving up in the first signs of trial. I imagine that this is also part of the trip, the road to travelling, the road to finding my true passion, or just finding me.

In the next few months I want to try to find my bearings and my harmony. But until then I would be stuck in this old dark place that is me.

Countdown: 93 Days

The road to my first self-funded out-of-country trip.

I am addicted to travel blogs. Simply put, I wanted to travel too. But the thing is I put restrictions to myself. I keep on limiting myself to the things I thought i cannot afford.
But the best lesson I learned from reading these blogs is to: JUST GO.

And now, I am two months in-the-waiting for that ultimate travel experience this 2012.
In the beginning I told myself, I am doing this as a birthday treat to myself.
I want to do this because I think I deserve it.

But now I know that the real reason behind wanting to travel, more than the “soul-searching” stuff, is to fuel my passion in life. I haven’t found my passion yet, but for the meantime, my passion is living. Maybe getting the best life has to offer, but more so, is experiencing life in different perspectives.

I love to live, through challenges, through depression, through life’s worst scenarios.
I love experiencing. Pain, sorrow, laughter, fear, envy, elation, shame, pride.
It lets me know I am alive, and I am living.

I am a person that does not take risks. I ignore them and avoid them at all costs. I like to stay in my safe place. But I got bored, and not peaceful at all. I decided to try and challenge life.
And it gives back.

From the first summit I have step foot on, I let myself revel into the unreality of real world.
This is the real world. I mean, after college I assumed that the real world people are talking about are corporate attire, tall buildings, conference rooms, meetings, deadlines, stress.

But that is just a part of this reality.
There is no requirement really to enjoy a piece of this life.
It might be different for each of us, but what matters, i think, is how you deal with it.

And maybe, because I am on the first step of changing my perspective, it might reveal to me the secret of living.

Or not. But hey, at least I am trying. 🙂