Weekends: Boat Ride

The best things in life are not things, and they are always free. Like a free boat ride.


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Weekends: ‘Suelas’

Manalmon Day Hike

Mountain Climbing-Spelunking-River Crossing-Zipline. A lot of first in 12 hours.

We started the day at 3:00 am where we and other hikers/ trekkers will meet up in the designated place. At 4:00 am we are on the road to bulacan, where we will climb Mt. Manalmon.

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Nilamon sa Manalmon

(Eaten at Manalmon – transliteral meaning)

First! Because this is my first time to climb a mountain. I am no professional, but since I pledged and promised to myself that for an adventurous year I gave in to the invitation of a friend. And since I have no prior experience whatsoever of long treks and mountain climbing, he said that this mountain is a good way to start since it is suitable for beginners. A “minor climb” he says, this is the “easiest” climb he says. Boy do I hated everything what he said.

It is safe to say that everything came as a surprise, I did not expect everything that happened. Heck, I did not expect this “simple” and “easy” and “minor” day hike to become one of the most unexpected and deadly adventure yet. To the point that I actually told myself, “Why did I ever agreed to do this? Why the hell did I think this would be fun?”.  This, I said to myself, is what I get for trying to be spontaneous, for trying to be adventurous.

This experience, in my 21 years of existence, this is one of those things that I will try my best to avoid; hiking, trekking, spelunking, climbing, rapelling. Anything that involves risk and anything that will take me out of my “comfort-control” zone. I try my best to avoid anything that requires “surrender” and “giving up” of my control. I try to stay away from being hurt and from regretting things. I am trying to save myself.

But the truth though, is by NOT living with risk, and by staying SAFE, I am actually aiming for a deadly self destruction and preparing myself for a very depressing life ahead. I don’t like to find myself in a point in my life where I wished I have done things differently and done things that I am afraid of. I don’t want to pass on opportunities to conquer my fear and to conquer this need for control.

So I did this. At an impulse. Without knowing the risks. Without expecting hardships. Without thinking things through. And let myself be surprised at what life and nature have in store for a SAFE/CONTROLLING person like me.

So in my next post I will tell you all about that Manalmon adventure! 🙂