Weekend: Jampacked Pangasinan (2)

It wouldn’t be jampacked “Weekend” if it’s just saturday right? So here’s the sunday sched. My previous post, was our day in Bolinao. Yup, we spent the whole day doing those touristy things and going to the beach. Chill, relax, and totally unplugging. However, the second day, still touristy I suppose, but very demanding as it required us to challenge our physical abilities. In the end, the pain was totally worth it.


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Weekend: Jampacked Pangasinan (1)

“Beat the Heat” and “Summer” posts are rampant, and in the first few weeks of May, I thought that facebook might crash with the amount of uploads happening, but that’s just here I guess. I’m trying to make some excuses for forgetting to post our first summer escapade of 2014. So Here we go:

We planned it to coincide with one of my cousin’s birthday. It would be her first time, after a very long time, to go to the beach, with us! Sometimes, you can find your best girl buds inside your family. 🙂
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Change of Plans

Earlier this year I know I have revealed of plans involving backpacking and Vietnam. But life happened and things got a bit out of hand. My travel buddy had quit her job in Hong Kong and returned to the Philippines to stay.  She got a new job here, and will be undergoing 6 months probation. Of course, you could argue that I push through with it alone, but as it happens, I quit my current job too. So, I found a new job and will be under probation, for 6 months, which makes our planned backpacking impossible to execute. We love traveling but I guess we love our careers more.

We are not giving up on our backpacking plans. I know sooner or later (after the 6 months probation) we will be ready and prepared to take long travels again. But for now, change is inevitable and its simply a matter of decision-making, and for now, we figured its best not to push through with it.

Weekend: Birthday!

I turned 23 and suddenly I feel old. I know I’m not. I mean the 20’s is supposed to be the best times of our lives. And I mean, I’m kind of expecting that kind of thrill in my gut that will confirm that, YES, this is the time to party my life away. But somehow, unlike those in my younger years ( I mean teenage/ college years) which is technically just a couple of years ago, I feel like I mellowed down. Less beer, and more about finding alternative ways to have fun. I mean, we still drink and stuff. But maybe we actually acquired some kind of maturity in terms of getting wasted. Haha. =))

Nah. I’m kidding you. Who can even resist karaoke on a cold rainy night? You must be nuts. We’re not stopping until we’re 40. Or something. 😀



September 21, 2013

Cheers to you if you’re on your 20’s too!! You’ve got to admit though, sometimes Life is really good. Most of the time it’s kind of shitty and stuff and make you want to just give up. But there are those times that just makes you smile and be grateful.

Weekend: The Race

You know the whole thing about saying goodbye to August and welcoming September, and asking it to be good for ya?! Well, I think it’s appropriate for me to tell, that the start of September had been ‘good’ to me and my friends.

I imposed on myself a three-month travel ban for personal and financial reasons, and it gave me much to look forward to in the month of September. First off, the beach, then the river, then of course the feeling of just being away from the usual hustle of the urban life. So, six of my friends and I planned on three-days vacation packed with rafting, swimming, and a whole lot of the sea.


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Dark Skies

It has been three days, and if not for the occasional burst of heat that reminds us that the sun does exist, I would think that we were trapped on a prison-like state of mind, just because of the gloomy skies, cold walls, and the relentless rain.


Since sunday is the only time that we (my cousins and I, the four of us) seem to be complete, we decided to have an impromptu girls night, sort of like pajama party, minus the pajamas, and some of the girly stuffs you do at pajama parties.


I hope your weekend had been better than ours, but since the weather also calls to our lazy bones, we wouldn’t have wanted it spent in any other way.