Food: Roberta

I’ve got to admit, though we are not fans of the whole valentine thingy, we are not haters either, and even if we had this date coincidentally falling under the valentine’s season, there’s nothing left to do but to enjoy it.

Our usual destination, restaurants! Be it a hole in the wall, or good ole’ large restaurant, as long as the food is good, we’re willing to splurge a bit.

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Well that was fast. January 31st, huh, just like that. It’s all a blur. And now here we are starting another month. Just a quick recap on the first 31 days of 2014:

  • I finished two (e)books; The Book Thief, Sputnik Sweetheart. Which are wonderful, brilliant at the same time heartbreaking and depressing.
  • Late catching up with friends.
  • Watched a political-themed play. (With my brother as one of the actors)
  • Volunteer work
  • Corporate Life

And here I thought it would be a long list. Well, now moving on, I tell you waking up to a new day is inevitable. We can only do so much to get through to another day, what more of another month, another year etc.  But that’s not the point of this post.

Really, because I’m just here to post what the 1st of February felt like. Gloomy, Windy, and like floating in repressed emotions. Well the floating part, I meant that literally.

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Dark Skies

It has been three days, and if not for the occasional burst of heat that reminds us that the sun does exist, I would think that we were trapped on a prison-like state of mind, just because of the gloomy skies, cold walls, and the relentless rain.


Since sunday is the only time that we (my cousins and I, the four of us) seem to be complete, we decided to have an impromptu girls night, sort of like pajama party, minus the pajamas, and some of the girly stuffs you do at pajama parties.


I hope your weekend had been better than ours, but since the weather also calls to our lazy bones, we wouldn’t have wanted it spent in any other way.


Weekend Extensions: City Of Pines

It is really cold in here the months of January and February, but our randomness will beat the weather to the ground. Or not.

My friends and I decided to scour Baguio and visit some touristy and non touristy spots. It is just a short trip but we had so much fun. Unfortunately, I had no pictures of the zipline and tree drop but no worries. All is well. Enjoy!


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