It might not be soon or it might be just around the corner. Don’t hold back. It might not be what you’re expecting but it will be nothing less.




We don’t just say goodbye to the year that’s about the end, we celebrate it. You can argue that what we’re actually celebrating for is the coming of a new year, but what difference does it make when days before the year ends we attend gatherings, cook a lot of food, see people we haven’t seen in a long time, celebrating years of friendship, family reunions…admit it, the mood is so festive and happy that its almost like we’re really happy that the year is finally coming to an end. That we’re happy that something is about to die.

Forgive me for such a morbid thought, 2013 brought a lot of things that other years might have brought too, but decided that they’ll come this year. I’m very grateful for these things. I didn’t want to be sentimental and emotional and decided to approach the year end as a burial of both sad and happy memories, and preparing to move on to a new tomorrow. Carrying with us the memories of what was to be able to move forward and wonder if maybe a new beginning will help us understand ourselves better. But a new year is more than a new beginning, its also a continuation of the previous day.

Death. Beginning. End. Rebirth. When thinking of it, nothing ever ends, we just continue and move on. Take some risks, here and there, but everything lies in our choices. We make our own beginnings whether it’s the new year or its not.

Have a Happy New Year! 🙂

This Friday

It has been sometime since my last post, and believe me, a lot has happened since then. A bit of a break for me too as I think I imagine myself suffering from some kind of depression. Nevertheless, I always pick myself up after a bit of self-pity and continue to find inspiration to live this life.

Welcome March! I would like to share to you two week of my planner (almost), so I will be able to compensate for those weeks that I didn’t post.

I also intend to share my latest reading. From one of my favorite writer. 🙂

This is just an excerpt though..

” As I relax on the sofa and gaze around the room a thought hits me: This is exactly
the place I’ve been looking for forever. A little hideaway in some sinkhole somewhere.
I’d always thought of it as a secret, imaginary place, and can barely believe that it
actually exists. I close my eyes and take a breath, and like a gentle cloud the wonder of
it all settles over me.”

-Kafka on the Shore (Haruki Murakami)

Happy Weekends everyone!