I’ve waited

For a long time to do this. Waited for the perfect mood, moment, time, budget, climate, date, anything that will set the event to perfection and instead the opportunity came in one of my lowest moments.

I’ve finally traveled alone.

Yeesss, I know too dramatic and what not. The truth is, I enjoy traveling, exploring on my own, but with friends (hehe), they are my safety net. They give me enough confidence to wander a different route than theirs and still see each other at the end of the day. To exchange stories of our own adventures and experiences. To have people to go home to and share food, a drink, a walk, anything to free these range of emotions that we experience while outside. To give voice to our thoughts in order to feel that it happened. Damn right it did.

When I finally did travel alone, I realized it is out of my comfort zone. I didn’t plan to experience trekking with a group of strangers with their own travel buddies, and definitely not prepared to go caving with a random family, just because I don’t want to go with couples. I expected that going alone is going to be expensive as sh*t, but I always thought that I would have enough budget to those things alone. And you know what, I didn’t.

I told you, it was one of the lowest moment of my entire existence, but its a story for another time. Meanwhile, I just have to content myself with this piece as I am still arranging my life and my travel photos to form a coherent post. I will post it soon (or later).

I just have to say, Sagada in Mountain Province is a beautiful place. The Philippines really has a lot of gems.


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