In this year 2018

It has been three years since I posted my last travel update. It doesn’t mean I stopped traveling, I just stopped writing. I didn’t stop taking pictures, I just stopped posting them online. I didn’t stop planning and budgeting, I just decided to do it in private.

Upon resurrecting this blog, I have realized that trips are easily forgotten, even if I have physical proof through photographs, real feelings are hard to recall.

During those three years,


I had this three day vacation with my sister in Malaysia, how we spent the day walking to find the Petronas tower just to take selfies. How we fought because I have to feed her in order to continue getting lost in the city. We left the city to explore Melaka and jumped to another part of the world.


The first time I traveled with my boyfriend and all we did was to find food and spend hours in museums, and having night walks in the well lit gardens by the bay.

That year when we cruised through Halong bay and that freaky moment I kayaked for the first time, overwhelmed by these massive boulders and intimidated by strange body of waters that is not part of where I came from.


Another time, when we stopped over at Singapore for just a day, walked into the night time to find our hostel, eat fastfood and marveled our journey. Then lost my credit card and a few hundred SGDs and Driver’s license.

Recently, we traveled to Myanmar amidst the stories of the Rohingya, and even though the place is breathtaking and overwhelming, its beauty is also heartbreaking. I posted just 10 photographs for this trip, because I can’t bear to share the trip and express joy, when I know there are people within the country suffering simply because their crime is their existence.



I want to strive to write again and relive these emotions that I committed to my memories. It seemed that I stopped writing my adventures simply because I lost my purpose. And today, the purpose is to simply tell a story.


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