Mula Batanes (Pt.2)

A couple of years after I wrote the first part, I decided to finally continue writing about this trip. But maybe on a different style. I was a different person then, and a very simple minded person on a vacation brings a lot of excitement in stories.

There are a few things I can recall when we traveled there, mainly that there are three basic tours you can do: The northern Batan tour, Southern Batan tour, Sabtang Island tour. Some more adventurous travelers goes to Itbayat Island, its more challenging and trickier to get to but it’s your itinerary so, go ahead!

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In this year 2018

It has been three years since I posted my last travel update. It doesn’t mean I stopped traveling, I just stopped writing. I didn’t stop taking pictures, I just stopped posting them online. I didn’t stop planning and budgeting, I just decided to do it in private.

Upon resurrecting this blog, I have realized that trips are easily forgotten, even if I have physical proof through photographs, real feelings are hard to recall.

During those three years,
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