Weekend: Intramuros

It’s always an experience being surprised by hidden gems in places that are so familiar and so near that usually one overlooks it.


It’s supposed to be just a lunch-out with family but my brother is taking his summer classes and is required to go to one of the most Historic places in Manila: Intramuros. In Latin it means, “within the walls”, hence the nickname: “The walled City”.

My two cousins have been there before but that was 8 years ago or so. Since then, many sites has changed and the place surely developed to be one of Manila’s tourist attractions.

This would be a photodump of the random scenes inside Intramuros.


Fort Santiago


Gates of Plaza de Armas


Manila Cathedral


San Agustin Church – one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Philippines.


Cobbled street

What’s fascinating still are the parks and museums you can find inside Intramuros, for a fee of course.


Inside the museum. Leaders/ Presidents of the Philippines


The path going to the entrance of the museum dedicated to Jose Rizal.


A simple museum that displays furniture and attires used by Rizal.


Bastion de San Diego – perhaps this is what surprised me the most. It’s the remains
of a tower that once served as gun powder factory, and a lookout as this is situated at a corner of Intramuros, once it looked out on to the Manila Bay. Now you can just glimpse a river and the Manila skyline.


The feeling is that of going through a portal. To take a sneak peek of that point in our history that produced a great impact in the lives of the modern Filipinos. Sure, a lot of what we’ve known to be Filipino Identity are borrowed and integrated from the colonials, but some still remains inherently Filipino.

I’m aware that even though our people is named after the King of Spain, and that our culture is inherently of Muslim heritage and indigenous practices, always we adapt, we change, and that is the secret, I believe, of our survival.

Intramuros, April 2014


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