Weekend: Jampacked Pangasinan (2)

It wouldn’t be jampacked “Weekend” if it’s just saturday right? So here’s the sunday sched. My previous post, was our day in Bolinao. Yup, we spent the whole day doing those touristy things and going to the beach. Chill, relax, and totally unplugging. However, the second day, still touristy I suppose, but very demanding as it required us to challenge our physical abilities. In the end, the pain was totally worth it.


Islands, everywhere. Thus, it’s aptly named “Hundred Islands”. There are several tour packages to choose from, but we want to get the most out of this tour so we chose the one that brings us around to every island that is open to the public. We get to choose when to go and how long we’ll be staying. Not bad for Php 1500. The more you are, the less you’ll be paying because the fee is for sharing.

The Major Islands that we got to go around to are: Governor’s Island, Quezon Island, Children’s Island.


The major attraction at Governor’s Island is the well-known “PBB” House in teen edition. I think this is where Kim Chiu (?) and other housemates (I don’t really watch this show) are brought to. The other one is the most popular view in the hundred islands. The viewdeck.


After that it’s basically Island, after island…



Some cave/ cliff jumping …


A cave that they are currently developing…


We did some snorkeling to see some giant clams. And to maybe feel what it’s like to be in the middle of the open sea, where there it’s just your life jacket between you and the ocean. It’s pretty scary, and kind of addicting. That’s just me though.

I really try to take as much pictures as I can, but sometimes I look at the white sands of Quezon Island, observe the clear green-blue-green waters afar, watch the kids playing in the shallow part of the beach, and I just refuse to bring push that shutter to capture everything. I know, I can’t.


This I know is true, it is overcrowded during peak season, or maybe just weekends, it’s probably not the best of the beaches that I’ve been too, but in my mind, I know that this one, the people of Pangasinan are proud of. It’s beautiful, certainly. But more than that, I can hear stories whispered by the waves, some juicy rumors hanging in the wind, and it makes my heart jump to be in on a secret. Every island in the Philippines is magical, and I intend to explore their mysteries. I know I’m not good in telling stories, I’m not even better in capturing images, but I know I’m good at listening, and the islands have a lot of things to tell.


March 8, 2014


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