Weekend: Jampacked Pangasinan (1)

“Beat the Heat” and “Summer” posts are rampant, and in the first few weeks of May, I thought that facebook might crash with the amount of uploads happening, but that’s just here I guess. I’m trying to make some excuses for forgetting to post our first summer escapade of 2014. So Here we go:

We planned it to coincide with one of my cousin’s birthday. It would be her first time, after a very long time, to go to the beach, with us! Sometimes, you can find your best girl buds inside your family. 🙂

Being the cheapskates budget traveler that we are, we planned our trip to the minimum expense, with room for flexibility. So, we were supposed to get the 1 am bus ride, but there were some unavoidable circumstances and its a good thing we are ready for alternatives. The ride lasts for 5-6 hours,  we’re all troopers and didn’t mind the slightly bumpy ride.

We arrived at Alaminos at 5 in the morning, waited for 20 mins for another bus bound for Bolinao, that’s 1 1/2 hour ride. Upon arriving, we messaged our contact that also doubles as our tour guide, and thus began our adventures:

First off our list, Bolinao falls, the first photo above is taken from there. If you think it’s quite enchanting in the image, well it is, specially in this early morning sun.


Right out of  a story book? I’ve kinda expected a fairy to appear what with that wisp of smoke and ethereal ambiance, with the soft sounds of the water flowing. It still feels like a dream.

We lounged here for an hour(?) before moving on to our next destination. The Enchanted Cave. Points for consistency, the theme of the tour is enchanted tour, with fairy tale-like destinations and surreal views.


It is said that this is a natural fresh water that is just stumbled upon by the person who owns it today. It is also a running water, which is 6 ft deep during low tide and can reach up to 9 ft during high tide. It’s really difficult to describe the experience because the image cannot evoke that kind of elation and excitement.


 It remains unchanged, except for some stairs and walkways and cemented areas and light, since time of discovery. It is said that several tourists/ visitors suggested to develop the cave to gain more capacity but the owner stays true to original beauty of this attraction. It can get crowded during peak season.

We spent maybe an hour lounging and floating, that time it was just the four of us in there. Perfect to beat the heat outside.

The next destination is more than an hour away from here, so we endured the bumpy tricycle drive to see this:

Rock View Beach. Pity that it isn’t for free. The owners tells us that this area of the beach is popular shooting places or our local television shows, mainly the mermaid/ ocean themed ones. The waves here are very aggressive, if you’re into that type (which I am), and is totally awed by overwhelming power that does not boasts of it’s might because it can, but because it simply is.

Next, the famous Bolinao lighthouse.

We learned from our guide/ driver that this is now remotely operated and powered by solar energy. Since a huge storm hit the province it destroyed a lot of things including the office where the coast guard resides.

My feelings were a mix of annoyance to heat and a bit thoughtful about things that involves my country. There’s still a lot to be explored and to be learned.

We moved on to white beach where we rented a room for an overnight stay. Rested for a bit and let the ocean waves drown the urban reality of our lives.

I know based from internet sources that this is also one of the best places for sunsets, so I waited and gifted with a view that goes from this


to this…


..in a span of minutes.

Even if I did try to instagram this, I couldn’t have posted this (or died trying) for there’re practically no network signal here. Talk about literally unplugged. Which is a nice break from the internet and an opportunity to reconnect and catch up with myself.

I plan to go back here. To relish the raw feeling before it turns to another commercialized beach.


March 7, 2014


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