Food: Roberta

I’ve got to admit, though we are not fans of the whole valentine thingy, we are not haters either, and even if we had this date coincidentally falling under the valentine’s season, there’s nothing left to do but to enjoy it.

Our usual destination, restaurants! Be it a hole in the wall, or good ole’ large restaurant, as long as the food is good, we’re willing to splurge a bit.



We decided to go to Roberta: Flavors of Asia, I don’t really get the title as I think the food we got aren’t fusions or famous dishes of Asian countries. The whole dining experience is great and unforgettable and will leave you wanting to come back and repeat it all over again.



We had this 3-in-1 Appetizers. Three servings of different appetizers for Php 200. We got Tenga, Cheesesticks, Bopis.


We ordered their famous Tinola sa Pakwan, which is full of flavour and yes you can taste the Watermelon (Pakwan).




We also ordered Smoked Baby Back ribs. In which we forgot to ask for a steak knife, and it turned out that we don’t even need one.



We ordered flavored rice: Aligue rice, and Tinapa (smoked fish) rice, and the whole thing with all the food just meshed into this one big explosion of rich taste that can be addicting.


Their Pandan water is free for the first bottle and the second one, you have to buy. All in all this got to be one of the best lunch I’ve ever had.




Maginhawa St. Quezon City

February 15, 2014  


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