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It has been several days, and the world seems to move forward. There’s the sunrise and the sunset. But in several parts of the country there still remains the wreck of the storm that passed. Everything seems colorful and monochromatic at the same time.




Vacation? Anyone? If you know what I mean. Excluding the two  academic textbooks on the left side, and the pocket dictionary, it will be a much needed vacation indeed. đŸ™‚

The Looooong Week

October 30 was my last day as an employee. Between then until the second week of November, I will remain unemployed. So now here I am, sitting at our couch at our home, alone with the internet, and a lot of rest and a lot of time in my hands. Mostly spent on sleeping, eating, and watching movies.

Today is wednesday. I woke up at 9 am. Got off the bed at 10 am, ate our lunch at 11 am, watched the second half of the film “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, snacks at 4pm, internet until dawn, I guess. This has been my routine for the past 4 days. I enjoy it though, days that I will look back to where I have nothing to do, but keep myself clean and fed.


However, these are the days that I will always recall as my “Miyazaki Golden Days”. I have watched 8 Miyazaki films in the span of four days, in between running errands and my daily routine.

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Change of Plans

Earlier this year I know I have revealed of plans involving backpacking and Vietnam. But life happened and things got a bit out of hand. My travel buddy had quit her job in Hong Kong and returned to the Philippines to stay.  She got a new job here, and will be undergoing 6 months probation. Of course, you could argue that I push through with it alone, but as it happens, I quit my current job too. So, I found a new job and will be under probation, for 6 months, which makes our planned backpacking impossible to execute. We love traveling but I guess we love our careers more.

We are not giving up on our backpacking plans. I know sooner or later (after the 6 months probation) we will be ready and prepared to take long travels again. But for now, change is inevitable and its simply a matter of decision-making, and for now, we figured its best not to push through with it.