Hoist up ‘yer Anchor//

Hoist up 'yer Anchor//

What keeps you grounded in your travel?


Caramo-one: A reflection

Well I intended it as a play on words, as Caramoan has many Islands, and I can’t remember every name of every beach we had ever been. Except for maybe one or two.

I haven’t really blogged about what I felt during this vacation, and that is because I’m being selfish. I want to keep all my ocean-vibes to myself. ¬†And now I’m having a meltdown. I need to get it out of my system.

Describing caramoan as a paradise is common. But for me, it is more than a getaway. It is an escape. Before I leave for vacation, there’s just too much on my mind, about work, about personal issues and some. But the moment the bus started moving, I forgot all my worries and set my mind to look forward. I know I’m going to enjoy this vacation.

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