Weekends: Boat Ride

The best things in life are not things, and they are always free. Like a free boat ride.


Yearly, my family goes to the island of Marinduque during the Holy Week (for Catholics). We go there to chat with our relatives, do church visits, attend the procession during Good Friday, and celebrate Easter Sunday. This year is the same, but my father and I got left behind because of work and some unfinished business at home.

It’s always an invitation that gets us to experience new and interesting stuff, and this time it really pays to have awesome friends. In this case, my father’s friends.



Did I mention that it’s a fishing boat?

This one guy owned a fishing business and used one of his boats for a family getaway that includes some of their friends, and they decided to invite my father and I to ride with them. This is some serious awesome-sauce. 🙂


This is the closest I’ll ever be in experiencing luxury boat rides. Free food, free ride, and an awesome view.



Check off the bucket list: Ride in luxury. And this is my definition of luxury 🙂


We ride in style. In fishing boat style.

The food, the weather, the fun people, and the view. Perfect!


Here’s to more sea adventures to come! Cheers!! 🙂


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