Weekends: 19 hours in transit

It started with an invitation. My father asked me to come accompany him somewhere, of course, knowing my father, it is a business trip. So, I want to grab this opportunity to travel to this specific island. In short, I said Yes.

I know that the travel time is 8-9 hours by ferry. What I didn’t anticipate though is the number of people going to the same destination. You see, that weekend is the closest to the holidays, and because of the recent typhoon, many people are stranded at the port, and thus, prioritized by the shipping lines. In short, it became quite the uncomfortable ride of my life.

There are is a positive outcome in this travel though, I get to see these:


Sunset 🙂

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Weekends: On Birthdays

Happy Birthday to my Mama! 🙂

As a birthday treat, we all went to spend the day at Villa Escudero Resort at Tiaong Quezon. Last time we were here was 10 years ago, and my mother was right when she said, we didn’t fully appreciate the beauty of the place back then. We are kids and we just want to play. So now, we walk down the memory lane, and I found out that I don’t remember much of the old place. Some bits and pieces are coming back, but I guess the most memorable then is the lunch buffet, turns out, it still is. 🙂

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