Weekends: On the Run

I mean, Temple Run πŸ™‚

I do hope you have been following me on my countdown. My destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia. Although, it is famous for the backpacking circuit, among, well, backpackers, my friend + her mom, and I decided to try out this new destination for ourselves. I mean, we are not backpackers or anything, but this is a good destination nevertheless.

So, I will post here pictures and just a lot of pictures with descriptions. So Enjoy!

Just hover your mouse into the pics for information πŸ™‚ Have FUN!!

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Weekends: Hair Day + Foodie

Nothing especially new, except that my cousin and I decided to trim our hairs. For some it means new chapter of their life, moving on from a bad breakup etc. As I was broadcasting in this blog, in a few days, I am turning 22, and I feel reckless and restless, so I decided to cut my hair. As for my cousin, her long hair is already irritating the hell out of her head, so yep,Β  *snip* *snip*

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Weekend: Opening the ‘ber’

What’s so special about September? Nothing really, except that it officially starts the countdown to December. It opens the ber months, meaning Christmas break, Winter season, a whole new quarter, and the last one for 2012. It was just a coincidence that I happen to spend this day in a lot of events/gathering, so I might as well share how did my opening ‘ber’ day has gone πŸ™‚

0100 H

We (my officemates and I) were invited for an album launch of one of our officemate’s band: tide/edit πŸ™‚ I haven’t shared a lot about my taste in music, but basically everything I found that I enjoy, I like. No particular genre, just those that I find relaxing and different, and enjoyable.

So there’s this shit going on about OPM being dead and all, and I agreed that these people didn’t know where to find Filipino music and shit like that.

Performances by Chillitees

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The Road to 22

Age is just a number or so they say. There is nothing special in turning 22. But for me this is my first birthday as an independentΒ  person.Β  I feel like I am coming of age, I am slowly moving on from college life, I am wanting things I haven’t dared dreamed to want before. I am exploring venues and opportunities that I have ignored before. I am becoming bored of taking things less seriously and talking gossip and talking nonsense and arguing about things I believe in.

I am still scared of what people are thinking about me , or what they would think of me. I do not want to come out as rigid, uptight and no fun. But I can’t help but ignore things that doesn’t make sense to me. I know I sound like an old lady, all work no play, killjoy and things like that. Some might say I am too young to think about “grown up” thoughts, but the thing is, I am already grown up, I might as well start acting one.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy roadtrips, beer, wines, chatters, and from time to time senseless conversations, these are the fun moments I couldn’t live without, but I am feeling that I am slowly outgrowing these things. I want bigger dreams, bigger plans, bigger destinations, bigger actions.

I want to explore more, to see more, to feel more, to experience more, to listen, to hear a lot of things. Maybe the things I am dreaming are too far fetched, I can only hope, I can only dream. But I can really feel that this is my year. I know I will take a lot of risks, get into a lot of fights, make reckless decisions, become impulsive, and make a lot of mistakes. But I am feeling the restlessness looming around in case I let my fear defeat my spirit.

If there is one thing I am truly sure about myself is that, I am my own enemy, and I am my own limit. So many possibilities but what is holding me back from taking that step? Rejection? Failure? And now I ask myself, am I ready?

And I answer, “as you are.”