Countdown: 23 days

I guess this is it. Couple days more and I will be hitting the skies with my backpack and adventurous spirit. You know, when I tell people about my plans on going to Cambodia, they often ask me: “What is it you’ll see there?” or “Where will you go there?”

Apparently, for those not well-versed in travel universe, and I am not saying that I am, Cambodia is not a tourist destination. I have the same notion as these people several months ago until I stumbled to several travel blogs that feature Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia included.

And what is it there that is so special? Well, remember Tomb Raider? Those gigantic roots of trees, temples covered with these wood giants. Yep, you got it, it is found there.

What else? Temples, temples and more temples!!!
Why there? I am tempted to say I don’t know. Because I am perfectly fine with the idea of not explaining myself, but I will, because right at this moment, I am sure that I am doing it!!

Why there, you ask? Because I have this budding relationship with history and culture and there is something mysterious about it that I cannot possibly let go unless I find out some of the answers. I am absolutely crazy for thinking I would find answers about life and everything by this one travel adventure, but I promised myself that I will try my best to discover the world, the people and our stories.

That’s it for today. I am looking forward to this adventure. The dark days are now over, they will be back, but for now I won. 😀


Weekends extension: No wakeboard

So it is an extended two day holiday after the weekends, and we are itching for a day-out.

There’s this newly opened wake boarding scene that is just an hour away from manila, and my friends and I decided to check that one out. I am no wake boarder and I’m just there to chill and to watch the pros do their thing, click the shutter, capture, enjoy the sun, the wind (really windy), and the rain.

Anyway, it is located at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. You still have to drive until you reach the end of Nuvali blvd, turn a left and another left.

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What do we know?

I want this to be the first and the last time I write something about politics, and the limit of my knowledge about it.

I am not credible in terms of explaining the law, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, and I also know that it is not easy running a democratic country, where every voice counts, every opinion is important, every word you said shall be heard and be considered.

But is it not right to apply simple logic to what we thought are simple things. Like the RH Bill. It is still a bill, you know. And people are making a big deal about it, and rightfully so, this determines the future of this country. I have a lot of questions of course, questions that I cannot even ask because the answer is all over the web, it is searchable, tangible, and well, people might just shut me up and even ask me to read the news.

I get confused. What is the real deal. Do I even need to participate in this? Do I have to state my opinion out loud, knowing that there are people that might be offended? Yes, I can, because this is a free country after all. But hey, there’s no need to argue right?

What I am questioning right now is, do we really need this to be passed as law?
Aren’t there laws already stating medical assistance to those who need it?
Laws that obligates medical institutions to attend to those who may need care, and needs saving,, and to not discriminate. To help whoever those who might need it regardless of their social status, religion, gender, etc.

No? None?

Excuse me, I am ranting here. But I also have my reservations regarding the bill. If it is main purpose is to spread awareness and provide medical assistance to the majority, then I think we are being bullshit here. Because first and foremost, it is the responsibility of the government to address this problem.

I think they are pointing to the ability to reproduce of filipino women as the cause and they give RH BILL as the solution. Which is completely pointless for me. Is family planning not taught in small baranggays, health centers, and seminars for couples, for free? No?

And now, here we are, willing to cash out for a bill, that is already existing.
I know we are not stupid, but why this? Why do we let ourselves be bullied by those in power.

Now this is just a full blown rant?
What am I doing to help the country? What?

I am paying the fucking taxes, I obey rules, I respect men in uniform, I respect other people’s opinion, and still there are people accusing me of inaction, being passive?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to give up, because I am working for it.

(Now this is just a full blown rant)