Weekends: It’s a treat :)

Food Connection: MakanMakan

Situated inside the Manila Ocean Park Building,
We initially assumed that the food will be quite expensive, meaning it will be beyond our (My sister and I) budget.

You see, it is our parent’s anniversary so my siblings and I decided to treat them.
But it still ended them paying half of the bill.

At first glance, it seems like we are experienced deja vu, we are in the same scene at a different time, maybe it’s because of the food stalls of different nationality. And then I remembered that in singapore there is a food place there similar to the settings of the restaurant.

So we ordered their special dishes: the makan makan soup, makan makan chicken, dimsum platter, Char Kway Teow, Lechon Kawali and Deserts!
On our part, we brought Dulce de leche junior sized cake which we immediately consumed.

I liked that they took their time to cook their dishes, (haha), this means that the food are not re-heated or something.
It is to be expected though, after all it is not a fastfood.

One thing though that bothered me is that, they brought the dishes one by one. The soup is acceptable because it served as appetizer.
But when they served the Char Kway Teow … alone, I asked the waiter if they can please serve the food all at once, because I thought that it would be “bitin”, eating our food one by one. Or, I was just hungry at that time that I can’t wait. Really!

My mom enjoyed the dimsum platter, consisted of fried and steamed siomai, and shrimp dumpling? I don’t know. The chili sauce is great too!
My father and I loved the Char Kway Teow, although we believed that we can make our own version of the dish, you know, pansit + oyster sauce + awesome ingredients!
The MakanMakan chicken, although it is not new to the taste buds, is still great. I think we should have ordered Hainanese instead 🙂
The MakanMakan soup came out as a surprise because we have no idea what kind of soup it is. It is delicious though. A thumbs up for me.
To top all of these, the mango flavored Ice cream ordered by my brother I think is the highlight, but there is this nagging thought that maybe it is magnolia (ice cream brand).
For four scoops of ice cream = almost 200 pesos!! That’s a ripoff I say.

Jokingly, we said that the stick-o’s is what really made the ice cream desert so expensive. 😀

All in all, we enjoyed the dining experience mostly because it’s family.


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