Weekend: You only live once

Yes it’s overly abused. yes it is over used. But when you have friends and they come here to have fun, we live and breath by these words.

Crater Lake of Mt. Pinatubo

Zambales, Philippines

July 2, 2012

(c) riskovat.wordpress.com

I guess the only words I can say to describe the scenery I have witnessed are: Savage, unforgiving, rebellious. Going there is tiring and 2 hours of long walk, rocks, creepy wind, intimidating heights, and raw terrain. I hoped that the end of the trail better be worth it. Or else? I don’t know. Or else I really don’t know. As we traveled in our 4 x 4 jeepney, I realized what I want to write about in my travels. I want to suspend the words used to describe the scenes. To catch my own real emotions and my own reactions to the surrounding. And as we trek the remains of what was once famed as the ‘SkyWay’, I thought, in here souls have been taken. In here lies the footprints of those who braved this road and died. It takes a lot of courage to walk, and a lot to impress too. But in this road, I give my respect. And I am telling you, I have fallen in love with the land.


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