Rare Nights

When we we were actually sane…And talk about a lot of things, random things. From food, to technology to sexuality, to work, to movies, to songs, then back to food again. Without having any alcoholic drinks around, discussions like this are rare. Maybe not, but when we hang out in large groups, usually we just beat the crap out of each other and go crazy for the night, which is fun. But then we crave the time when we can joke around and actually talk something sensible and informative, and still bully each other 🙂

Thanks guys for this spontaneous evening, I was kind of feeling mad like I’m on PMS, but this just completed my day 🙂

Kind of like ending the day with a *burp*.


Weekend #2


I was kinda feeling depressed, sad and lonely, so my boyfriend decided to cheer me up with my ultimate comfort, which is FOOD.

By 4pm he thought to bring me to this small roadside food diner, which according to him, serves the best ‘tapa’ which is made from horse meat.
We kinda arrived early to eat because they are still cooking the rice, so we decided to hang out somewhere near and wait till its 5pm, which is the best time to eat 😀

The meat is to die for 😀 I am no food critic, and what works for me I often say ‘it’s delicious’ and when I say it is, it means that I WILL certainly come back for a second time.
Though it is just a small time diner it caters to a wide range of customers, from students to employee, jeepney drivers, to working people, in short, everyone.
There is one catch, since it is a small establishment and located at the side of the street, one cannot expect the place to be clean and orderly. It is just it is, and you take what you can get.

Night time, we can’t resist small gatherings and here we had our first memorable drinking night, only some of us can’t remember what actually happened. In the future we will not forget to a powdered juice with any gin or vodka. We certainly learned a lesson here, and I know, there would be no second serving 😀


Nothing much happened except that we attended our church services and I doodled some 😀
I hope your weekend turned out great 🙂

Food Connection #1


because it is a weekday and I didn’t feel that I deserve to eat anything heavenly, but I did, and it’s for free. 🙂

This entry goes to this unforgettable steak experience from this restaurant called ‘RACKS’.
The meat is so tender that I nearly cried…I guess this is meat heaven.
We ordered a lot. I mean a LOT, that we even have to take home some leftovers 🙂

If there is any left over, it would not be for me.

I would love to come back, but then the food is too expensive for me that I can only afford to eat here once a year.
Okay that is exaggerated, maybe once every quarter 🙂

Another thing that heightened this food experience is that, it is absolutely FREE.
Courtesy of our company, since it is a company dinner.

I am sure to count the days until I can finally afford to eat here again, and spend my money in eating that mouthwatering steaks.

Ahhh the juiciness of those ribs. Truly bone-licking. 😀

Finally Friday

And guess what. It’s Friday, and just before the weekend officially starts I just want to reminisce my last weekend. I believe I tasted one of the yummy steakhouses for a very affordable price, and spent the night till dawn with my friends, just having some drinks, and having some fun, reminiscing some stories, like that.

So this is my first Friday Post 🙂 have a great weekend!

Food buddies 🙂

This is the greatest weekend yet this 2012 🙂

Weekend #1

So this is my first shot of doing blogs that is kinda related to my personal life.

This is a day out with my friend and we have been reminiscing about our life as college students. How have we been doing since then? We are freshly hired employees, just turning 5 or 6 months working on our respective companies, and trust me, a lot of things seems to be changing. While we both know that we can’t turn back time, we talked of our futures and what would happen when we get there.

Of course, there is a lot of looking forward that is happening simply because we are young, and single and somewhat free. But then we realized the future is unpredictable, so we decided to just enjoy what life brings us today.

In this present, we want to fully live with no regrets.